Is omnichannel personalisation realised only in the dreams of electronic sheep?

Omnichannel presentation

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We hear so much about personalisation. In the content world, the challenges are many, and the benefits are plentiful, and yet, the results are often not easily realised.

Bring into the equation cross-channel personalisation that accounts for the entire customer lifecycle and the challenges grow even more. Toss in some privacy constraints–a little GDPR here, CCPA there–and you have a recipe for completely, fragmented, omnichannel-challenged personalisation experiences.

So, is it possible to personalise for a single view of the customer across the entire customer’s journey? Can a cross-channel personalisation happen within each step of the customer journey for the entire experience of the same customer? Or is this all just something dreamt up in a vendor’s ad campaign? We are going to break it all down, and show it what is possible, what is not, and 5 keys to a successful strategy.


What you’ll learn

  • What does a successful omnichannel personalization strategy look like and why does it start and end with content?
  • What are considerations to bridge the gap between the unknown and known visitor and how does privacy concerns play into it?
  • How can an understanding of the customer journey provide the key ingredients for operational and performance modeling?