Omnichannel workshop

Industrialize your Global Content Strategy to include “how to” videos with the power of DITA

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In this workshop, we will discuss the video localization process and show you how to structure, manage and internationalize your video content by you on a tour of our Agile Video solution leveraging the power of DITA. We’ll start with a tutorial video with no audio and a standard script.

We will convert the script, convert it to a DITA format with audio and subtitling, manage a list of phonetic reusable key terms, publish a fully synched video with neural voices and subtitles in the source language, translate the DITA content and publish it in the target language.

We will experience with the audience the Agility of the solution by showing how simple it is to implement changes (voices and text) and republish videos in any language with the click of a button.



What you’ll learn

  • Manage your video content in DITA
  • Convert your subtitles or audio scripts to DITA
  • Publish dubbed and subtitled videos using oXygen.

Session leader(s):

Frédéric Vallenet
Frédéric Vallenet
WhP International