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How to get free traffic with a content-reuse strategy

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This is a presentation of a Masters’ thesis in Content Strategy at FH Joanneum in Graz, Austria that proved an under-resourced team could drive significant amounts of traffic with their content with no additional content creation budget.

Though intelligent, structured, or semantic content are very exciting topics, real-life implementation is often an ‘overkill’ for small organisations. This session shows how the principles from an intelligent content approach can be easy to implement and effective for content production and management. This way, small- and middle-sized businesses can also get the advantage of deploying principles of intelligent content in their content production processes.

The session is based on the case study of – a small Austrian business in the tourism area. They struggled with an overwhelming amount of content and lack of resources. Join this session to see the content reuse strategy they implemented that was designed to be simple and replicable for other businesses.




What you’ll learn

  • Understanding why content modelling makes sense and how to use it
  • Understanding the application of topic-based writing
  • Learning how to reuse content efficiently to drive significant ROI and performance improvements

Session leader(s):

Evgenia Popova
Evgenia Popova