Omnichannel keynote

How to win business buy-in for modular content

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As a content professional, you’re aware of the benefits (and drawbacks) of approaching content as structured and reusable components. Business stakeholders, however, hear the words “metadata” or “domain modeling” and give you a serious side-eye.

How do you bring modular approaches to content up as an agenda that drives business buy-in? I’ve spoken about just this topic with several leaders recently and found three contexts that reflect the value and get the organization onboard: Localization strategies, performance or cross-channel presentation, and finally (of course) personalization.

I’ll share our research into these business cases, and advice for how to apply them to your own situation.


What you’ll learn

  • Explore the main reasons that lack of content reuse hinders efforts to scale activity
  • Understand the three main contexts for modular content: localization, performance/presentation, and personalization
  • Apply these examples to your own situation to boost business buy-in


Ryan Skinner
Ryan Skinner
Forrester, UK