How to make the move to headless CMS and true omnichannel

Omnichannel presentation

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Since the explosion of headless content management systems and all the newfangled jargon that came with them, editorial and marketing teams have been right to be concerned about the impact the new CMS paradigm has on their brand identities, bottom line, and ability to manage omnichannel content. After all, we’re in the midst of a mass migration from conceptualizing our content as records in a web-biased CMS to reimagining our content as channel-agnostic microcontent that, finally managed in one place, can be delivered anywhere, to any device, on any medium. The reality, however, leaves much to be desired. How can content teams approach headless CMSs when they’ve been steeped for decades in web-only workflows? And what lessons can we glean from the successes and failures of headless CMS that apply to any point of our digital transformation journeys and architectural evolutions?

In this talk from CMS veteran and headless CMS expert Preston So, named “probably the smartest person working in this industry right now” by Web Content Management author Deane Barker, we’ll embark on a wide-ranging introduction to headless content management from a variety of perspectives. We’ll talk about what insights from headless CMS apply to any CMS architecture, how to move from traditional CMS architectures to more future-ready fundamentals, and how to architect and manage both your content and the tools you use to truly succeed in the omnichannel. In the process, we’ll talk about how organizations in the real world have successfully built single sources of truth for their omnichannel content while simultaneously delivering it to voice technologies, digital signage, mixed reality interfaces, and mobile applications.


What you’ll learn

  • What is headless CMS? A layperson’s introduction
  • The tug-of-war between developer experience and marketer experience
  • A bit of jargon: APIs, presentation layers, and separation of concerns
  • What makes a headless CMS a headless CMS?
  • Omnichannel and headless case studies in voice, digital signage, and other channels
  • How to make the move from traditional to headless to omnichannel
  • Single-sourcing and previewing omnichannel content
  • ROI considerations for traditional, hybrid-headless, and headless CMSs
  • Why digital experience orchestration is the new buzz phrase
  • Epilogue: Digital experience orchestration in the real world