How to make content a maintainable business asset through structuring and tagging

Omnichannel interactive learning

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Many enterprises today struggle to organize, maintain and govern the vast amounts of legacy and new content they already own or produce in a fast-paced business environment. Componentized content management systems have been on the rise in recent years attempting to address this challenge. However, simply breaking up content into components without implementing a robust connected metadata model introduces more challenges than it solves.

To address this, in this interactive session we will explore how a componentized content combined with a rich taxonomy and ontology model enables a dramatic increase in content reuse, lower maintenance effort, and a tailored user experience that provides the right answer at the time of need.

After we will briefly review a componentized content model, we will also explore leveraging semantic modeling to produce connected content which can enable a richer search experience and dynamic and tailored content delivery to end-users, regardless of delivery channel.


What you’ll learn

  • Understand the concept and value of componentized content
  • Understand how connected taxonomy (ontology) works by tagging content on a component level
  • Explore how the combination of relevant content components and rich metadata can enable content reuse and tailored and focused content delivery that answers the actual user questions.


Yanko Ivanov
Yanko Ivanov
Enterprise Knowledge