Omnichannel workshop

Hands-on: Create a TV guide action for the Google Assistant with Dialogflow

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Let’s create a conversation between you and Google that helps you to retrieve information about what’s on TV.

At Google we provide assistance to our products for years. With the Google Assistant we are helping users through the day. This can be at home via a voice-activated speaker like Google Nest or on the way through phones, tablets, watches, or cars via the Google Assistant.

You donโ€™t need to be a developer. With Dialogflow, it is possible to create natural conversations for chatbots and voice-activated speakers. In this session, you will learn about machine learning and how to create custom conversation agents with Dialogflow.


What you’ll learn

  • Building custom apps for the Google Assistant


Notes and instructions

Please note that the Google workshop

  • is shorter than the other 2020 workhops
  • has no break
  • you just need to have a Google Identity (which is a gmail account or Gsuite account.) You will need this in order to use Dialogflow and the Google Assistant
  • will use Google Hangouts instead of
  • if you have registered to this workshop you will privately be sent the access link a few days before the workshop starts.

Session leader(s):