Omnichannel keynote

Governance frameworks for omnichannel

On paper, it looks easy, beautiful even—using a core of information, a single source of the truth, to feed many systems, processes, and content channels. Produce once and use many times. Publish to websites, populate online catalogue transactions, feed a CRM, support supply chain efficiency, provide content for digital signage on an enterprise or university campus. But, deploying an omnichannel user experience is much easier to conceptualize than to implement.

Join Lisa Welchman as she discusses how organisations can create governing frameworks and work habits that allow them to tap into the power of an omnichannel experience. She’ll talk about why organizations are not able to support a unified approach to information management and delivery and outline steps that can take to improve human relationships and promote better collaboration for digital workers.

Session leader(s):

Lisa  Welchman
Lisa Welchman
Global thought leader