Omnichannel workshop

Feedback: the gift you keep on giving (and receiving)

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Feedback and critique are unique types of conversations focused on improving ideas. Feedback can be biological and physiological – but the purpose of this workshop is to recognize and improve the many kinds of feedback we encounter in the workplace.

We start by defining what feedback is, how it’s unique and ubiquitous, as well as what makes it valuable, welcome, and effective. We necessarily examine what makes it ineffective or unwelcome. Next, we’ll discuss the five types of feedback (self, positive, unclear, inactionable, and unsolicited), and we’ll learn how to remove ego from each kind of conversation, plus why that’s important. Participants will learn how to request feedback, provide it, and integrate it in their work.

This workshop is a safe learning environment with a growth mindset, in which participants will practice, through sample situations, and learn from each other.


What you’ll learn

• A deep understanding of the three phases and five types of feedback, and why successful, actionable feedback starts with how you request it
• Identifying the levels of listening, and how to integrate feedback with intentionality
• Real-world sample situations to practice in small groups, unpack, reconfigure – and practice again
• BONUS! Each participant in the workshop will receive a take-home CritKit (, plus suggestions for its integration in your work

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