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Failing in style: pitfalls of content style guide creation and how to avoid them

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It’s not easy to get content style guides right: they need to align with the audience’s needs and with the image of the organization. Whether you work for a 5 or 50.000 person organization, you will need to work together with the right people, to know what the user needs, to find the right balance with what the organization wants, to document well, and to make sure the guidelines are adopted.

This talk will cover five main pitfalls (real mistakes I’ve personally made and learned from) you might encounter in content style guide creation, management, and implementation. It will help you avoid them, and to create or improve your own style guide.


What you’ll learn

  • Which techniques and tools are useful in this context (and which aren’t)
  • How to learn what the user needs
  • How to create buy-in and ensure adoption

Session leader(s):

Saskia Videler
Saskia Videler
The Dutchess