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Omnichannel Podcast Episode 10


Forging New Relationships

As content marketers, how do we continue to build authenticity and sincerity in our audience relationships? One way to do this is by incorporating livestreaming in your omnichannel strategy. Through livestreaming, you can build audience trust and participation in real time.

We went offline for a long time during the pandemic. This episode was pre-recorded in 2021.

Livestreams, Content Creation, and You

Livestreamed content can be used to build content among many different channels, and this can start from the beginning of the content creation process. For example, instead of private informational interviews with subject matter experts, why not livestream your discussion for your target audiences? From there, that content can be published as a podcast, turned into articles, email campaigns, and other formats.



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Christoph Trappe
Christoph Trappe