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Communication and the art of eliminating human suffering at work

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Last year, organisations woke up to the fact that their employees are human. But, although COVID jabs are rolling out around the world, nothing much has changed, really.

How are people coping now? And what is the impact on the very humanness of organisations themselves?

Sharing hard-learned lessons from international marketing collaboration Gina Balarin, TEDx speaker, international board member, communications expert and author of The Secret Army: Leadership, Marketing and the Power of People, talks about why recognising humanness is key to unlocking the cross-disciplinary collaboration that omnichannel strategy requires.

In this presentation she will cover:

  • Techniques for creating or changing culture and processes in a distributed team
  • What happens when we truly understand each other
  • The importance of asking open questions
  • The antagonist inside us (DiSC® profiles and the schism of leaders who live in opposition with themselves)
  • Where to begin eliminating human suffering at work.

What you’ll learn

  • Successful cross-continental or remote teamwork that makes the dream work
  • The power of introverts: lessons from the multi-million-copy selling book Quiet in practice
  • Optimism and attitude: the game-changing impact of positivity and open-mindedness.


Gina Balarin
Gina Balarin