Omnichannel panel discussion

Demystifying content models

Your content is already modelled, even if you don't know it

An on-demand panel discussion with Noz Urbina, Meghan Casey, Jeff Eaton, Carrie Hane, and Cruce Saunders.

Content models are crucial to the digital landscape, yet they often remain a mystifying concept. This webinar will clear the haze, providing a clear understanding of content models, their importance, and how to get started on your journey toward using them. For both beginners and practitioners who want to elevate their work, this session will equip you with valuable knowledge to understand models and where they fit into your strategy.

This is the first in our panel discussion series, and part of this year’s themed Session Series “Designing content for Headless, Omnichannel, and Personalisation” including multiple webinars and podcasts. It will be recorded and available to anyone who registers.

This first session will introduce models – an expertise that is in great demand but often not well understood. We’ll explore the what, why, and how of content models, and how they relate to the many other related concepts like templates, CMS configuration (headless or otherwise), taxonomies, and other models in your organisation. We’ll show you how your content is already more structured than you think, and discuss practical strategies for elevating and integrating models into your content operations and planning.


What you’ll learn

  • That models aren’t as scary as they seem.
  • The difference between future-friendly and future-proof.
  • How content models are already there, implicitly, in your content.
  • How to make implicit structure explicit so that it can benefit your organisation and audiences.
  • How domain models and journey mapping can get the modelling process started off right.
  • Different ways models can benefit content experiences of any kind, on any channel.


Notes and instructions

Session leader(s):

Noz Urbina
Noz Urbina
Urbina Consulting
Jeff Eaton
Jeff Eaton
Meghan Casey
Meghan Casey
Do Better Content
Carrie Hane
Carrie Hane