Customer loyalty in the Digital Age

Omnichannel workshop

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This workshop will teach participants the key points of a forthcoming book ‘Customer Loyalty in a Digital Age’ (‘Trouwe klanten bestaan wél’, Van Duuren Media). Through practical exercises, you start developing a customer experience strategy. The Customer Job Method of ContentKings consists of 3 steps:

  1. Field research (Task Analysis)
  2. Design thinking workshops
  3. Build solutions that work

In ‘Customer Loyalty in a Digital Age’, the tools of design thinking, the concepts of content marketing, and the Jobs to be Done framework of innovation are combined in one issue: understanding and solving customers’ real problems. 

“The true purpose of a business is to create and keep customers”  Peter Drucker. 

Business owners and marketers get crystal clear insights and priorities for their budgets and platforms. This focus is to deliver loyal customers. The ultimate goal is a close relationship between your customers and your brand: Customer Friendship.

The Job Canvas, which has been used in digital projects for the past 7 years, helps multidisciplinary teams delivering real value to customers. It can also be described as the perfect sprint 0 – it provides the groundwork for prioritising the backlog in agile development cycles.


What you’ll learn

  • How to prioritise agile development for customer value
  • The power of combining concepts from UX, content marketing & innovation
  • A new perspective on adding value for your customer
  • A new view on customer loyalty


Notes and instructions

If you have registered please go to the workshop landing page and fill out the short intake form.


Rob Punselie
Rob Punselie
Ellen Altenburg
Ellen Altenburg