Omnichannel presentation

Creating digital customer success through the ‘Jobs-to-be-Done’ method

The disruptive power of omnichannel content

Why should you get users to “follow” your strategy or customer journey? Instead you can go out and meet customers to see where their Jobs to be Done (JTBD – or ‘task’) take them. It will give you the power to help users fulfill their tasks with relevant content. And in your search for this content you become a source of true innovation for your business.

Content marketing already made the turn of perspective towards customers. You already know you need to be present in the right channels at the right time. In this presentation you learn how JTBD enables you to create a content strategy that leads to true digital customer success.


What you’ll learn

  • Understand how the Jobs to be Done method empowers you to lead business innovation

  • Have seen several examples of applying the JTBD method from Health Care, Pharma and Public Information (NGO)

  • Be familiar with practical tools & tips for an effective, task oriented omnichannel content strategy.


Rob Punselie
Rob Punselie