Omnichannel presentation

Converting omnichannel customer touch points to ongoing business stories

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Technology has become second nature. This is causing a shift in people’s expectations towards their needs being met anytime, anywhere, through any channel directly at their fingertips. In this session, we want to walk the audience through how a technology backbone can bring together sales, service, marketing, and commerce. We’ll also discuss how to integrate interactions across platforms and while still providing a single view of the customer,  enabling a fully connected experience.

Focusing on the customer experience is the key for any business and this session will show you how to capture the moments that matter to the customer and change them into meaningful business stories.


What you’ll learn

  • Why customer experience is the key to thriving through change in omnichannel strategies
  • How the best companies embrace the customer, undergoing an immense shift at a rapid pace
  • How to stay relevant, continuously innovate, and go to market faster
  • How to be elastic enough to accommodate changes in a ‘pit- stop’

Session leader(s):