Omnichannel interactive learning

Do you know where your content comes from? Let’s find out together

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Break and Learn Sessions are interactive Zoom sessions. You will get the most out of this session if you are able to turn on your camera and microphone to participate in the discussion.


There is a lot of focus on where our content needs to go. We all love distribution: getting our content to the right place, at the right time, with the right message. We are obsessed with journeys, channels, personalisation, and new technologies that can help us engage with our audiences wherever they are.
This obsession is clearly amazing and brings huge value, but (yes, but…) this also puts a lot of pressure on production, and on our internal operations. It’s not easy for a lot of organisations to create personalised content for a multitude of channels, particularly when there are a lot of people involved. It’s possible to get a little bit carried away!
In this interactive session, we will explore (and test out together) a diagramming technique that can be used to answer the question: where does your content come from? This technique is simple to adopt yourself and will help identify weaknesses (and maybe some untapped strengths) in your content operations and workflow – ultimately making it easier to realise our omnichannel dreams. Content first.


Angus  Edwardson
Angus Edwardson