Content design: Resetting the conversation around content

Omnichannel Podcast Episode 9

In this episode, we talk with Sarah Richards of Content Design London in anticipation of her Omnichannel 2020 Conference Talk “Content Design 101”. 

Content design: A synthesis of disciplines

Like all good movements, and in line with the movement’s own philosophy, content design is synthesis and clarification of what came before. It has aspects you might consider content strategy, UX research, and customer journey mapping, all under a unified umbrella discipline. It is a research-driven approach to passing content requirements, planning, content strategy and copywriting through a design thinking and service design lens. It’s based on a research and human-centric approach which puts user needs at the center of all content decisions. Rather than considering producing a deliverable or format in a channel as a goal – for example, creating a webpage or video – the goal is satisfying the requirements laid out in a user story.

In our conversation, we discuss how the movement came to be and how Sarah both needed it and used it to reset the conversation with the entire organisation of UK government about what a content professional is and does, and how the inter-team dynamics need to work to make sure that content is meeting the user’s real goals.


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Sarah Richards
Sarah Richards
Content Design London