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Chill & Chat: Results from Omnichannel

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What returns are organizations seeing from their omnichannel commitments? How do early-stage and mature omnichannel investments differ in results, and what levers of effective measurement might you be overlooking in driving deeper sponsorship.

This session will be led by Jeffrey MacIntyre of Bucket Studios.

Chill and Chats are unstructured interactive sessions that are driven by participants or speakers! Like breakout rooms or topical discussion groups at a physical conference. Contact us to suggest a topic and we will set up a Zoom room for you to have a discussion on the topic of your choice. Mics and cameras are highly recommended, but optional.

Sessions are attendee-led and will not be moderated. All attendees are expected to strictly adhere to the code of conduct.

Session leader(s):

Jeffrey MacIntyre
Jeffrey MacIntyre
Bucket Studio