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Building trust with content design

Not too close for comfort

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The pandemic forced us all to change our behaviours, in ways both big and small. And these behaviour changes often involved inserting a digital experience where a physical one used to occur – moving your coffee chats from the breakroom to Zoom, or paying via contactless instead of cash.

As the digital-physical divide continues to close, consumers are being confronted with new, crossover experiences that transform in-person interactions to online or relocate them from one channel to the next. As creators of these digital and digical (physical-digital) experiences that are becoming a more frequent part of the new normal, trust is a key ingredient to ensure that our products or services are understood and adopted.

During this session, Selene De La Cruz, Director of Content Design and Strategy at Mastercard, will take a deep dive into how content design can help engender trust – moving consumers from discomfort to acceptance, use, and even delight. Expect to explore examples from consumer goods, healthcare, Mastercard, and more.


What you’ll learn

  • Building trust-based relationships with our users by applying the principles of content design
  • Moving the needle from unknown to adoption through the strategic placement of information
  • Landing in the Goldilocks zone between over-explaining and under-explaining new experiences
  • Looking toward the future to understand what our customers want and expect from brands and experiences moving forward

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