Omnichannel presentation

Building from the ground up: the business case for an omnichannel content experience

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Content professionals are becoming increasingly visible in organizations as their participation in and leadership of strategic cross-company initiatives continues to grow. One such necessary initiative is an omnichannel content experience. Building an effective strategy requires insight into multiple components, including people, processes, and technology. And communicating those insights to the potential stakeholders in a way they understand is essential. Join us to learn how to develop a solid business case that demonstrates business impact and benefits so you can get the buy-in you need to accelerate your value.


What you’ll learn

  • Understand what to include in a business case and why it’s important
  • Learn how to identify your stakeholders
  •  Learn how to write a business case that includes the relevant information and numbers for your stakeholders
  • Identify next steps for your business case and proposal.

Session leader(s):

Alyssa Fox
Alyssa Fox
Alert Logic