Why we need customer and staff influencer communities to drive real change

Omnichannel presentation

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This session provides frameworks that will empower you to drive change at scale in your audience’s behaviours by building and nurturing peer communities. Customers and staff are often the forgotten channel, but they are one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to influence their peers to change.

If you’re trying to improve product or service adoption, increase engagement, change your company culture, or influence others, these practical insights will help you. Whether you’re looking to market to customers or drive adoption of products, change management research demonstrates that peers are the most used and most helpful channel for learning and making decisions.
Omnichannel implies significant change and adaptation by your teams. This session will showcase best practices, including an innovative but proven-successful programme from Microsoft Switzerland, that help​s customers learn from each other and their colleagues​ in a peer community.

What you’ll learn

  • Move on from exposure marketing to engagement marketing
  • Learn how communities of nano influencers can help you engage customers
  • The best way to pitch your product or change initiative