Beyond marcomm: Bringing techcomm insights to editorial communications

Omnichannel presentation

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The TechComm community has pioneered forward-thinking solutions to some of the publishing world’s tangliest challenges, but it’s taken decades for the community’s insights to reach the broader world of digital publishing.

Recent emphasis on TechComm/MarComm collaboration has brought marketers to the table, but it’s possible to think even bigger. The world of “editorial communications” encompasses news, entertainment, and “content as a product” — and it’s in desperate need of TechComm’s experience.


What you’ll learn

  • Understand the differing requirements and pressures that define the Tech, Marketing, and Editorial communications ecosystems
  • Compare what the Editorial world is doing well, and where they’re hurting
  • Identify TechComm principles and tactics that translate well to Editorial
  • Learn TechComm principles shaped “Web Replatforming” projects for NBC Universal and the State of Georgia


Jeff Eaton
Jeff Eaton