Omnichannel presentation

AI and machine learning – sentiment analysis and omnichannel applications

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AI, Machine learning, and related sciences will change the way we are working in many industries: for sure the omnichannel communication world will be heavily impacted by such upcoming technologies.

During the session, we are going to see how to use Deep Learning based on Convolutional Neural Network to create a voice recognition engine and Recurrent Neural Network application for sentiment analysis in the omnichannel space, where the customer journey among several touchpoints must be addressed.

Design and implementation challenges will also be explained, along with practical examples: we will see how to evaluate the performance of the AI model and how to use some of the main machine learning techniques to improve its accuracy.


What you’ll learn

  • What we can do by using AI technologies inside the omnichannel contact centre beside the usual misconceptions
  • How to tackle the challenges provided by the increase of complexity in omnichannel customer care: how to take advantages of Machine Learning applied to the Customer Journey Analytics
  • How to use Machine Learning and Omnichannel capabilities in order to improve the sentiment analysis
  • Challenges behind the Sentiment Analysis labelling design and omnichannel environments

Session leader(s):