A collaborative research and design process for breaking down silos to deliver unified experiences

Omnichannel presentation

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The Adobe Unified Experience team facilitates cohesive, familiar experiences across Adobe’s wide range of creative products. A challenge considering the span of products, user needs, and platforms to be considered. Yet the biggest challenge – one that faces many designers working on horizontal initiatives has been organizational barriers. Experience Researcher Rebecca Gordon, and Designers Troy Church and Paul Dorian have developed a design process they call PRISM, in response to the organizational challenges they encountered at Adobe working across teams within an organization transitioning from one that is siloed into one that is more integrated.

A Six-Step Collaborative Design Process is especially helpful for designers, but the process can be useful for anyone working across teams to deliver omnichannel experiences. The team will discuss how the process was developed and how it has helped further their mission to deliver cohesive experiences across Creative Cloud products.