Omnichannel presentation

3-2 = Simple: A case study in channel simplification

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Experience optimization, also known as A/B testing or experimentation, is at the forefront of many organisations’ early steps into omnichannel sophistication. What often gets overlooked is the sizable value content optimization can immediately deliver to a digital strategy.

Hick’s Law holds that the time is takes to make a decision increases with the number and complexity of choices.

Get sophisticated with simplification by considering this example of real-world outcomes when one organisation put the powerful art of subtraction to work for them, and their users. Both came out winners.


What you’ll learn

  • An end-to-end, repeatable pattern for simplifying any digital interaction
  • How to wed performance measurement closely to your content elements
  • How to kickstart activities that can fuel deeper investment into channel-based content optimisation
  • More personalisation failures (#persofails) to delight and instruct us in upholding do-no-harm simplicity.

Session leader(s):

Jeffrey MacIntyre
Jeffrey MacIntyre
Bucket Studio