Omnichannel presentation

3 pitfalls on the way to omnichannel

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The journey to omnichannel communication is often a long one and it leads us through several phases. Numerous challenges and pitfalls await us along that way. In my content strategy career, I encountered cunning pitfalls disguised as shortcuts and leading into nowhere. Such traps cause damage of various severity depending on the stage of the project.

The earlier in the process we take a wrong track and the longer we do not detect it, the more damage it might cause. Thus, some pitfalls are fundamental and the harm is hard to “repair”, while others are less dangerous, however, they happen all the time and we need to keep a constant lookout for them.


What you’ll learn

  • Why the same knowledge domains can be described by very different content models
  • Why user and content research should not be underestimated
  • What pitfalls should we look out for
  • What methods and approaches can help us stay on the right track


Evgenia Popova
Evgenia Popova