2020 Opening address: Welcome!

Omnichannel keynote

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Noz Urbina opens up the 2nd annual OmnichannelX conference and discusses the whys and hows of omnichannel, key terms and ideas to watch for during the event, and sets out the mission and vision for the OmnichannelX community.



Noz Urbina
Noz Urbina
Urbina Consulting

OmniXConf 2020 - Noz Urbina, Opening - powered by Happy Scribe

Everybody will be starting in just a few seconds. Oh, sorry, I was. Welcome, everybody. I'm very excited to have you all here today at the OmnichannelX 2020 conference. The first time we have been live and direct across the Internet, around the world. I hope everybody can see me OK. Yeah, yeah. Great. OK. I'm just going to start sharing my screen. OK. OK. Fantastic. OK.

So we are on the first day of the official conference. Now. Welcome. My name is Nosier BNA. Many of you know me already. I am the co-founder of OmnichannelX X and the Verbena Consulting, which one of which is one of the organizing companies behind the OmnichannelX X event.

And this community, I am here to tell you a little bit about myself, but then most importantly, I want to get into what we're trying to do here. What kind of great things are going to look forward to and a little bit about why this community exists and what we're trying to really accomplish.

So I'm a Content strategy san modeller. I've been doing this for about 20 years and it's been a very exciting ride. We have seen incredible change.

What was a tiny little community in the corners of the Internet and the content world who were looking to a kind of a different future where we were not jumping from channel to channel as those channels got exciting. But we were focusing on how we can keep experience and content consistent throughout channels. So I've been doing it 20 years and I was mentored and brought into this community by people who have been doing it over 30 years. So the ideas that we're going to talk about in this conference are not 100 percent new, but they are evolved for the market realities that we're we're seeing today.

You may also know the book Content strategy Connecting Dots Between Prisons, Bennett benefits. I teach at the Content strategy Program of Applied Sciences and Graz, Austria. So that's kind of cool because you can now get a Masters in Content strategy. There's only a couple of programs in the whole world where you can actually get your masters in Content strategy. And I know that we have one of our Masters students even at the conference this year, whereas we were struggling to even define what Content strategy is and involved a couple with just a couple of years ago.

And as I mentioned, I'm co-founder of these two organizations.

So my experience in the past coming on 20 years now, I think my slide is has been mainly in heavy and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, banking, telecommunications, medical devices and enterprise software, that kind of thing.

But what I've been interested by in the past few years is how OmnichannelX has become an everybody problem. It's been a challenge.

That's the smallest corner of business or a restaurant has to take into account because they have a Web site to have WhatsApp, they have a Facebook group, they have their print, they have their signage.