[Webinar] Stories as a Service – An Omnichannel Marketing Strategy – with Gina Balarin

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A perfect omnichannel strategy example: stories as a service

Whether you’re a major enterprise that has an array of products and brands, seeking to increase brand loyalty and your footprint in each of your customers, or a small brand needing to differentiate, getting your customers will and able to widely share their success stories is vital.

In either case, Gina Balarin, author of “The Secret Army: Leadership, Marketing, and the Power of People”, cuts straight through fluffy brand theory and presents a repeatable model and approach that you can apply for greater omnichannel success: Stories as a Service.

Customer stories need

  • multi-departmental collaboration to find them
  • a governance workflow that works fast enough to get them out before they’re stale, and
  • the technical know-how to build the right experience around them across all your channels and touch-points.

They’re a perfect example of why you need an omnichannel strategy, and how if you have one, it can be leveraged to develop optimal business value. When your organisation is built around customer relationships, you can efficiently and effectively capture and leveraging one client’s success story to produce a positive feedback loop into your whole customer and prospect ecosystem.

Immediately applicable insights

Gina has a rare specialism. Her approach helps organisations rally around the useful, credible, and emotionally engaging customer stories. Her insights into how the art and science of how marketing content and content marketing can be applied to real human connections amongst you, your customers, and your prospects will give you a to-do list to improve how you leverage the assets hiding in your organisation today.

B2B or B2C – Which creates a greater emotional connection?

Many assume that personal purchases will create greater emotional connections with a brand, as opposed to the things we buy at work with other people’s money. Turns out, it’s completely the reverse. Find out what the research says and why it’s true.

By understanding the how and why of these brand relationships, Gina’s methods have had customers stepping up and asking to have their stories told.

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About Gina Balarin

Gina Balarin
Gina Balarin

Gina Balarin is a passionate corporate storyteller with over 15 years’ marketing and leadership experience. She is a marketing consultant, working primarily with B2B technology companies. Previously, Gina has worked as a content marketer and a Marketing Director. She is the author of hundreds of blog posts and too many B2B case studies to count. She speaks regularly on panel discussions and at marketing conferences and counts herself lucky to have spoken at TEDx. She blames her success on having been on stage in various guises over the years, doing everything from being a magician’s assistant and performing lead roles in ballet and drama productions, to having worked with top C-level executives and entrepreneurs. She has a Master’s Degree in Education in the subject of Management Communication, is a Chartered Marketer and Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, has a BA (Hons) in Linguistics and English Language, and a BA in Drama and Linguistics.