Omnichannel strategy implementation at IBM – Marie Girard interview (30 Minutes)

About this episode

In this episode of the Omnichannel Podcast, we interview content strategist Marie Girard of IBM Paris. Marie tells us how having an omnichannel strategy allows an organisation to deliver better experiences than isolated, parallel strategies because cross-channel work offers insights you just can’t get any other way.

That is to say, if you’re not analysing user experience in an omnichannel way, innovative approaches to customer needs get missed, for example, frequent calls to a call center may be dealt with efficiently from a call center point of view, but the upstream problem driving those calls could be addressed with content improvements if the issues were visible to, say, marketing or documentation teams to fix at the source.

IBM's @MarieGirardChop says holistic #contentstrategy delivers better #UX & upsell opps because it enables holistic insights, impossible to get otherwise. Consider #marketing & social, #eCommerce, #techcomm, support & more Share on X

A true omnichannel strategy example

Marie is responsible for unifying a strategy that cuts across:

  • Marketing websites
  • Social media channels
  • eCommerce marketplace
  • Developer communities and forums
  • Software as a Service user interfaces with text inside the applications
  • Documentation and help
  • Technical support and knowledge bases, and
  • Training material

To tackle this epic task, Marie looks to build “back-bone” models, strategies and standards that allow IBM to scale up from a standard and de-duplicate content. This helps avoid fragmentation and inefficiencies while providing customers an improved experience that would have otherwise been impossible.

#Marketing tends to drive #omnichannel today, but we need to start dedicating true omni budgets. Otherwise, one team will tend to focus the push on their area. Per @IBM France's @MarieGirardChop Share on XFor many more in-the-trenches insights, check out the video.

About Marie Girard, IBM

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Marie Girard is a CX / UX / content strategist, teacher, speaker, and coach currently leading the strategy for digital client experience of IBM Decision Automation software. She facilitates design thinking activities across silos, runs content audits, and always keeps the focus on user experience. Marie also teaches technical communication at Paris Diderot University and keeps investigating how everything interrelates through the practice of yoga.

Follow her on Twitter at @MarieGirardChop