Interview with Margot Bloomstein on Trust and Digital Transformation

This episode of the Omnichannel Podcast is an interview with Margot Bloomstein, founder and director of Appropiate Inc. and author of the highly popular book Content Strategy at Work. She is a specialist in how to build and roll out your content strategy.

In this podcast, Noz Urbina and Margot discuss 

  • what is holding companies back and what needs to be done to bring real omnichannel experience to the market
  • messaging architectures and the role of cultural and teamwork in omnichannel
  • the reinvention of team and individual dynamics and its relation to productivity vs burnout
  • how disruptive digital transformation should really be
  • funding omnichannel initiatives, and
  • the benefits for both customer and employee experience.

About Margot Bloomstein

​Over the past two decades, Margot Bloomstein has emerged as one of the leading voices in content strategy. She’s the author of Content Strategy at Work (2012), the principal of Appropriate, Inc, and the author of a forthcoming book about how brands can build trust through content and design. Margot developed BrandSort and the message architecture-driven approach to content strategy now popular with many practitioners. Her work shapes the communication of corporate social responsibility at Timberland, crisis response content at Harvard University, and strategy for cultural tourism in Nevada.

Her clients also include the American Montessori Society, Lindt & Sprüngli, Lovehoney, Scholastic, and Sallie Mae. A participant in the inaugural Content Strategy Consortium and featured speaker at SXSW, Margot has been the keynote speaker for World Information Architecture Day Boston, Content Strategy Forum Frankfurt, UX in the City: Manchester, and other events. She teaches at FH Joanneum University in Graz, Austria, and tweets at @mbloomstein.