Self-Assessment: Ready to advance your organisation’s knowledge management?

Take this knowledge management maturity benchmark Self-Assessment

Learning to leverage your own organisation’s knowledge is fundamental to launching an omnichannel strategy.

This online Self-Assessment leverages the Enterprise Knowledge (EK) proprietary KM Benchmark, which is the result of decades of observation and analysis of organisations across the world, ranging from local to global, small to large, and spanning hundreds of industries and business models.

Based on a unique benchmarking approach

EK are experienced in assessing the knowledge management (KM) maturity of organisations, helping them identify obstacles in the way of their strategic objectives and designing tailored actions to connect their people to the knowledge and information they need to do their jobs effectively.

Using this tool, will be able to assess your organisation on a series of factors that, in our experience,

  • are most important to our clients
  • tend to be the areas where our clients need the most help, and
  • will achieve the most impact when you start strengthening KM efforts.




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Receive your customised report

Upon completing the Self-Assessment, you will receive a customised report including

  • your KM maturity scores as they relate to our five KM dimensions of People, Process, Content, Culture, and Technology
  • explanatory guidance to help you to understand these KM dimensions and their impact, and 
  • a detailed analysis that will why your scores matter, and how best to start making improvements.

This analysis is a first step for any organisation in beginning to understand where they are, where they can be, and the business value of attaining a more mature KM future state.

    Assess your KM maturity in less than 20 minutes

    1. Complete your KM Maturity Self-Assessment.
    2. Download your customized report with actionable steps to achieve a more mature KM state for your organization.