About OmnichannelX

Successful omnichannel initiatives are challenged by an inherent reliance on a wide range of expertise, which is frequently siloed within the organisation. Yet that success depends on people working across these silos – and gaining a better understanding of the other disciplines involved.

OmnichannelX was conceived in late 2017 by content strategy specialist Noz Urbina and experienced event organiser Elodie Eudier. And now you have it – the world’s first dedicated omnichannel knowledge source! We’ve got a Podcast, a Newsletter, we’re on social, and we even do some webinars and interactive events. All to move the industry conversation on omnichannel forward.

We did 4 full conferences, but are now focused on providing year-round assets, most of which are free of charge.

Bringing the gaps in audience experience

Today, the number of channels and touchpoints available to audiences – both internal and external to brands – is enormous.

Technological and cultural shifts have changed market expectations. Individual touchpoints can’t live their own isolated lives. Yet, when was the last time the person who tweets for you talked with your tech team or product managers?  When did you last see a unified report on experience or content performance that unified data across an entire journey? Audience expectations of brand relationships are different, yet how fundamentally has what we deliver actually changed with the addition of new channels?

Too many of still feel we “work on websites” or “publish documents”.

It’s time to stop this. This lack of coordination (or even understanding) of how the various communications channels come together to support audience experience costs time and money. It can often do greater harm than good to a company’s image.

So, welcome to OmnichannelX. Everybody in the same room. A zillion different job titles. A single goal: build better relationships with the channels we’re on.

We hope you’ll become part of it.

The Omnichannel Quad

Every successful omnichannel initiative considers four key areas. This simple framework helps one understand how all effective communications are related. 

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