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These offers are only for participants of OmnichannelX 2021. Take full advantage!

Special offer Voucher for 1 hr free consultation

A special offer to participants of OmnichannelX

3 Vouchers available

The team at ContentKings was responsible for 350+ digital projects over the years. Do you want to benefit from our expertise? Would you like a second opinion?

Send us an email (rob@contentkings.nl) with subject line ‘OmnichannelX special offer’. The first three emails get a free 1-hour consult via Zoom.

This special offer is only available during the conference:

  • starting Tuesday, June 8 and
  • ending Friday, Jun 11.

1 hour free omnichannel consultation from Precision Content

 Get a free 1-hour consultation on your omnichannel strategy today. 

Get €1,000 off remote training from Urbina Consulting

Want to accelerate your omnichannel initiative? Learn advanced customer journey mapping with Urbina Consulting


Urbina Consulting’s unique methods will help launch your omnichannel content design

Generate more and better content ideas by using this proven methodology that feeds into your content model and content strategy efforts. You get

  1. 3 remote interactive training sessions of 4-hour each to work on one of your business’ key journeys 
  2. 90 days of cloud access to journey map and persona management tools to share and edit your journey maps, and
  3. a follow-up feedback session on the work you do in the 2 months after the training.

All for €1,500 EUR (€1,000 off standard prices).

To enter, use the Contact Us form on Urbinaconsulting.com, and in the comments box to:

  • mention this offer, and
  • tell us a bit about your goals.

Watch the Enterprise Marketer podcast on CJMs with Noz Urbina.

5% off any annual plan at GatherContent

As a proud sponsor of the OmnichannelX Online conference, GatherContent would like to offer you 5% off any annual plan today!

GatherContent is a Content Operations Platform that brings people, processes and content together in one platform. Quick to set up, very easy to use, and cloud-hosted. So take control of your content operations with GatherContent and deliver effective content, consistently.

It’s not all business at #OmniXConf 2020. You can join some of the social activities, too! For example, we’ve got two Spotify music lists for participants. One by the Co-founders of Urbina Consulting with a diverse array of songs and moods, and one by you the partcipants. 

Add to the OmnichannelX music exchange

This is open, collaborative playlist is a new way to discover and understand your fellow participants. Anyone in the community can add to it (anyone can, actually, so please keep the link private).

Add a song that represents you, your culture, or your mood!

Have fun, but keep in mind the code of conduct.

Anything that would make another participant uncomfortable will be removed.

Contribute on Spotify

OmnichannelX 2020 Spotify list by Urbina Consulting

The founders of Urbina Consulting have DJ’d a few gigs in their time. This list is unsorted array of some of our favourites to chill out to between days at the conference.

Let us know what you think!

Listen on Spotify