Your feedback shapes the future of OmnichannelX

We can’t tell you how important and valuable your feedback is to the OmnichannelX team. We look forward to hearing what you think all year long so that we can know where to make improvements and where to focus our efforts to support not only the annual events, but the online community, podcast, newsletter, and blog which we are working on year-round.

Two ways to give feedback

Feedback form


Video feedback

If you can, we would love you to be part of the OmnichannelX feedback video as well. Let us hear your voice and tell us what you thought and felt using Sauce.

How to contribute

  • On the desktop, just upload any video you record in the application of your choice.
  • On mobile, you will need to register a free account, then click the link again to access the project  and you can record straight into the app

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