OmnichannelX 2019 slide deck list

Welcome back!

The slide decks for all the speakers who were allowed to give us their slides can be found below. Some speakers are still sending us their final decks as they were presented, so note that we may still be waiting for updates.

Note that the sessions by Mike Atherton, Facebook and Erwin Veth, ING are not available for download.




Beyond the Screen

Jessica Cameron, Mudano & Abi Reynolds, User Vision

Coming soon

Driving omnichannel transformation

Marie Girard, Commessence

Journey mapping across channels

Marli Mesibov, Mad*Pow

Adaptive content modelling

Noz Urbina, Urbina Consulting

Loyal customers in the Digital Age

Rob Punselie & Dr. Ellen Altenburg, ContentKings

Download (3.8MB)

General sessions / Keynotes

Governance frameworks for omnichannel

Lisa Welchman, Governance Specialist

B2B Omnichannel: A look at Cisco’s marketing evolution

Jenny Hooks & Lucas Betés, Cisco Systems

Updating content types for omnichannel

Michael Priestley, IBM

Opening address Day 1

Noz Urbina, Urbina Consulting

Opening address Day 2

Noz Urbina, Urbina Consulting

Omnichannel in the enterprise

Ryan Skinner, Forrester Research

Download (650KB)

The GDPR meets omnichannel

Tim Walters, The Content Advisory


Andrew Davies, Idio

Coming soon

Creating adaptive medical responses to health care professionals questions

Cecil Lee, Eli Lilly

Omnichannel storytelling from the trenches

Bouke Vlierhuis,

Customer-centric operating model

Ed Breault, Aprimo

Download (3.9MB)

Support and respect

Francis Rowland, Sigma

Structured authoring demystified

Jan Benedictus, FontoXML

Solving the global content challenge

Jonathan Whiteside, DEPT

Harnessing knowledge

Joseph Hilger & Zach Wahl, Enterprise Knowledge

Embrace omnichannel transformation

Marie Girard, Commessence

Increase trust & engagement with omnichannel

Marli Mesibov, Mad*Pow

Omnichannel journey mapping & customer metrics

Nikita Efimov & Yuri Vedenin, UXPressia

It’s never the content. It’s always the content

Rahel Anne Bailie, Scroll

Building a bridge between the customer and engineering

Rhyne Armstrong, Cisco Systems

Coming soon

Mastering microcontent

Rob Hanna, Precision Content

Loyal customers in the Digital Age

Rob Punselie & Dr. Ellen Altenburg, ContentKings

Download (3.8MB)